United Notions 2015

Many seem to overlook the fact, that we now live in a multicultural world. Though cultures differ, we still have a lot in common. Global trends dictate looks, tastes, opinions and manners. But at the same time people do their best to stay authentic and keep traditions alive.

We thought it might be a good idea to investigate into cultural cliches of other countries, find similarities & differences, try to express them by means of visual communication. We teamed with 19 more studios from across the globe to brief each other and create 2 posters each: one based on personal choice, another based on a brief from the peers.

The result of the collaboration is a travelling exhibition: 40 posters from 20 studios, explaining simple and complex things through type, illustration, form and colour. The aim is to show that as much as we differ from each other, we still can speak the same language. While governments and politicians can’t come to certain agreements, we still can relate to each others culture.