Icon Rethink

Rethink is a regular feature in notorious Icon Magazine where various creative studios reinterpret things that could use some design thinking. Coinciding with the annual Icon Awards 2014, the January issue is all about the ceremony, winners & runners-up. We were asked to take an alternative view on the award schemes in general.

We envisioned a new type of an award that not only recognises exceptional professional work, but addresses unpaid internships issue. Established studios pay Professional Category entry fees, which then are distributed between those who win in Student Category. The ceremony is humble. The trophy too. It’s a stab of concrete, manually broken in 2 pieces and both professional and student nominees get the respectful half as a symbol of interconnection and mutual respect between studios and their interns.

The identity is a straightforward interpretation of the award’s collaborative nature. The logo is a rectangular block, that is formed by intersection of red and blue shapes symbolises the joint effort in building a healthy relationship between generations of designers.