I AM Studio

We worked on the identity for I AM Studio in 2012. The brand was just starting out, trying to find a distinct voice, looking for its own place in emerging Russian fashion industry. It was a classic "friends doing work for friends" scenario. 5 years later we were entrusted to completely overhaul the look & feel of the brand.

A lot has changed for I AM Studio since we worked on the initial job. It has grown to become one of the most prominent forward-thinking fashion brands in Russia. It has matured in a lot of ways, shifted focus, found its own recognisable style. The identity had to reflect that: look simple, iconic, different.

A simple wordmark, paired with a restricted color palette & art-deco inspired typography portray the brand as feminine, but edgy; contemporary, but wearable; clean, but with a twist. The more premium look helps to transform the image of I AM Studio from hip to classy and attract a wider audience. With expansion of business not only in Russia, but internationally the future of the brand looks as bright as ever.

Photography: Nastya Chamkina, I AM Studio