Eimic – Acquired Taste

Eimic (band formerly known as Everything Is Made In China) approached us again to work on their latest release "Acquired Taste", but also shaping new identity. Taking the name as the inspiration we designed a logo and typeface that'd refer to "Made in China" label. Even though lots of great quality priducts are produced there, we're all still familiar with really cheap rip-offs or straight up fake products like all these Abibos, Naik, etc.

When it comes to the actual album art, this was a far more conceptual approach. Designed in close collaboration with Eimic frontman Maxim, we theoritised on the very notion of "Acquired Taste" and how general public gets is exposed to more extreme forms of art and gets comfortable with simplified visual language and more complicated concepts through interaction with finest examples of both classic and modernist masterpieces.

The pre-release singles featured famous artworks penetrated by color blocks, that grew bigger and bigger before the final album artwork, featuring only these color blocks, was revealed. This way we were trying to show the process of getting comfortable with less figurative/more abstract visual language. It can be argued whether ithe final artwork is just an abstraction, or actually a landscape, but one needs to have this "Acquired Taste" to make a personal decision.