Costume Code

Costume Code is a tailor shop that creates made-to-measure outfits for the fashion-savvy individuals. Using finest materials the company creates suites and shirts of extraordinary quality for both men & women. Though initially tasked to produce a lookbook for their 2012 collection we ended up redesigning the existing logo and creating a new visual identity.

Working on the new image we had to make sure the company clearly stands out from competition. The business was very young & established by young individuals, so we deliberately got rid of any luxurious, heritage-inspired visual solutions in favour of contemporary monospaced typography, monochrome palette and minimalist layouts. To give the brand its own voice we created a set of slogans to adorn most of the print materials. As the main target audience is mainly office workers, managers and businessmen looking to spice up their wardrobe, we came up with short quirky phrases relating both to office life and fashion customers could relate to.