Baza (Base in Russian) is a unique place tucked away from the uninitiated in an old factory space far from the city center. It's a state-of-the-art poolhall that features best equipment for all the billiards-related sports including pool, russian, snooker & carambole tables. What's also great about the place is a restaurant with simple, but delicious food and a beer list that puts most of the craft beer pub to shame.

We had the pleasure of working on the identity, creating logotype, custom cut of Hardy typeface, pictograms, art-directing the photoshoots, designing the website and lots more.

Hardy typeface is the main character of the play. Its distinct features reminded us of a pool table seen from above. It felt almost like it was made for this project and with some proper help from TDF we got Hardy to speak Russian too. To make things more playful we devised a simple grid in which type moves and bounces almost like real billiard balls.